Recon Jet

High Impact TV Commercial Production

Collaborating with Go2’s video production services in Vancouver is an exceptionally professional experience that guarantees results. Despite having a rigorous deadline and an imminent Iron Man event, Go2 stepped up to the plate to assist in conceiving, producing and delivering the project on schedule and within budget.

Techniques used: Video Production, 3D Animation
Client: Recon Jet


Our Director, Creative Director, and Camera Crew filmed the entire commercial in a single day in September. It was a crazy time to shoot in Vancouver, as you will see in the commercial. We experienced almost all four seasons in one day, from overcast moody skies to torrential downpours, wind, and hail, right through to glorious sunshine and blue skies. The only thing we didn’t encounter was snow!

Producing a cutting-edge TV commercial with a significant impact requires a solid team that works together perfectly throughout pre-production to post-production. The team at Go2, which has won awards, was responsible for conceiving, planning, shooting, and producing the entire commercial for Recon’s new wearable tech – Recon JET. The TV commercial was specifically created to air nationally during the Iron Man competition on NBC. The spot received over 100,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo in just four weeks and was aired on NBC during the Iron Man competition, reaching 1.8 million viewers.