Our Team

Meet our award-winning team of dreamers, designers and developers.

We truly believe that challenging the norm and striving to produce the best end result is what sets us apart.

Over the years we have won numerous awards and recognition for our exceptional content design and production. Give us a chance to prove ourselves, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. We can turn any idea into a reality.


Adrian Scott

President, Executive Creative Director

Adrian is the President and Executive Creative Director of Go2 and is a master of his craft. He was named one of Bizbash’s top Event Innovators in 2018.

With the help of his skilled team, Go2 has produced dozens of mind-blowing 3D projection mapping experiences and interactive installations for the DOOH advertising industry. Adrian has personally worked with major brands like The Canadian Olympic Committee, Seagate, Estee Lauder, Genie Lifts, Honda and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

When he’s not spearheading the next big project or brainstorming new ways to innovate his business, Adrian enjoys spending time with his two daughters and composing music.

FUN FACT: Adrian can play the didgeridoo!


Gemma Scott

Operations Manager

Born and raised in the UK, Gemma has managed many different roles and positions from Yorkshire to London. Now, as the Operations Manager of Go2, Gemma believes in change and innovation. With this vision, the Go2 projects are exciting, the techniques are original, and the company is growing stronger as a result.

Although Go2 staff are great fun to be around, they’re also a little quirky, but to Gemma, that’s what makes them just like any other family. Outside of work, Gemma is on the board of ILEA Vancouver, where she plays an active role in the local events industry. In the future, she hopes to one day finish her never-ending house renovations.

FUN FACT: Gemma is the licensee of TEDxEastVan.


Marie Laderoute

Senior Production Manager

Marie is a Senior Producer at Go2, managing the day-to-day details of each project sold, keeping tabs on the production crew and ensuring every project is done on time and on budget. As an Account Executive, Marie manages all the incoming and existing clients that Go2 currently works with.
For Marie, Go2 is an opportunity for her to work together with a team of professionals who are passionate about experimenting with unique and innovative communication solutions. In her spare time, Marie loves to write children’s stories and aboriginal storytelling. In the future, she would like to get a series of children’s books published and developed into online interactive learning apps.
FUN FACT: Marie can play the piano and took jazz and ballet until the age of 18!

Jared Byrne


Jared is an event professional with over ten years of experience and a diploma in Event and Convention Management from the Faculty of Tourism at Thompson Rivers University. He has managed logistics, budgets, and marketing on multiple events for companies such as GUESS Jeans, Business in Vancouver Newspaper, Thompson Rivers University and the Mount Pleasant Business Improvement Association.  Jared has joined Go2 Productions as a Production Manager and is eager to bring his strengths in operational efficiency and drive to deliver a quality product.

FUN FACT: Jared also runs a dance fitness company.

Nash Sittisarebute

Lead Compositor, 2D/3D Artist

Nash Sittisarebute is a man of few words. Nash works as a motion designer and composer at Go2. A graduate of The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Nash brings over ten years of experience to the table. Nash loves working at Go2 because it supplies him with an endless stream of interesting projects and a positive, relaxing environment. Through his work here, Nash has contributed heavily to the creation of many high-concept TV commercials and projection mapping animations.

FUN FACT: Nash is calm, polite, and very handsome (although most people just don’t see it in him).

Bill Fu

3D Motion Designer

Bill is a VFS grad and loves to work on high-profile and challenging projects that push him to learn new techniques. Bill loves the team at Go2, where he has access to talented and knowledgeable mentors who throw him into the deep end whenever possible! When he’s not in the office, Bill can be found mentoring young designers and working on home renovations on his new pad.
FUN FACT: Bill speaks four languages fluently: Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English – a ninja for sure.
Stephan Boufleur - Go2Productions

Stephan Boufleur


Stephan is a 3D/2D Motion Graphic Designer with more than eight years of experience under his belt. He proudly holds degrees from both the University of Alberta and PUC-PR in Curitiba, Brazil. Joining the Go2 Productions team was a natural fit for Stephan, thanks to his talent for Projection Mapping and Audio Visual Experiences sharpened throughout his career. With his impressive skills in software like Cinema4D, Blender, Touch Designer, and After Effects and their expertise using plugins like X-Particles and Trapcode Suite, he takes Go2 Production’s visual content to the next level. And boy, does he love a good challenge! Stephan thrives on creative projects that push the boundaries, working side by side with the incredibly talented team at Go2.

FUN FACT: Stephan is a huge electronic music fan, and it’s actually one of the things that drew him to this field of work! He loves matching mind-bending visuals with the intense beats of electronic music—it’s a total passion of his!

image of Dymitro Semyroz - Go2 Productions

Dmytro Semyroz

3D Projection Mapping Designer

Dmytro Semyroz is the imaginative 3D projection mapping designer wizard from Kyiv, Ukraine. Who brings his unique creative flair to Go2 Productions. Prepared with a degree in design from Kyiv National Aviation University and over 12 years of diverse design experience, he’s an innovative strength at Go2. Dmytro’s journey in design has taken him from television and motion design to specializing in 3D projection mapping for the past eight years. With Cinema 4D and After Effects as his trusty companions, he crafts 3D models, brings motion to life, and masters the art of 3D mapping hologram projections. Working side by side with the incredibly talented team at Go2, Dmytro has pushed the boundaries of imagination to create unique visual experiences.

FUN FACT: He’s a talented singer and acoustic guitar player.


Ramiro Rodriguez

Marketing Communications Manager

Ramiro is an awesome marketing expert from Mexico City with over four years of experience in the field. Ramiro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). He’s the one who spreads the word about Go2 services and projects, promoting them through various digital and offline channels and making sure everyone knows how awesome Go2 is! Ramiro’s expertise in digital marketing, content strategy, and integrated marketing communication plans has helped to increase Go2’s brand awareness in the US and Canada. He’s done a fantastic job in generating demand for Go2 services, making him an invaluable member of our team.

FUN FACT: Ramiro is a talented sound designer grad from VFS and occasionally supports Go2 projects with incredible sound mixes.