Immersive Walk-through Experiences

Immersing your Audience in a Different Realm

When it comes to indoor brand activations and exhibits, our team has been creating unique experiences using top-notch technology such as gesture detection, proximity-based devices, camera tracking and directional sound so that visitors can have an immersive and interactive experience.

At Go2, we are capable of creating fully immersive experiences – complete with lights, sound, textures, branded content and digital interactivity– which is a thrilling way to enjoy modern creativity and create unique experiences in your audience. Our multi-sensory art installations and walkthrough experiences are a solution for any event, festival or permanent art installation.

We started creating immersive walkthrough experiences after we had huge success with our first project in Vancouver, BC. Shattered: A Wicked Walkthrough Experience, which ran for three weeks in October 2020. Attendees made their way through the Beaumont studio’s labyrinth hallways and staircases that featured hundreds of lights, lasers, optical delusions and mind-bending tricks using projection mapping and interactive touchless technology.
Shattered had stringent COVID protocols, including a mask requirement, hygiene stations, a definitive audience flow, and physically distanced, timed and staggered entry.

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