Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party

Somewhere Over - A Magical Evening for Event Professionals

The Vancouver Event Industry Holiday Party for ILEA Vancouver, MPI BC Chapter, and PCMA Canada West brought together three association memberships and their guests for a completely immersive and celebratory holiday experience.

The best of Vancouver’s event industry showed up – from creative producers, venue managers, caterers, audio-visual suppliers, lighting designers, decor and design companies, photographers, entertainers, and industry sponsors. The goal for the night was to create an engaging experience for the local hard-working event community and Go2 was tasked to create immersive elements for this high-end event.

Techniques Used: Projection Mapping, LED Panel Content Production, 3D Animation
Client: ILEA Vancouver, MPI BC Chapter, and PCMA Canada West



Go2 wanted to use technology to create an exciting environment, one that guests would be thrilled to experience and also want to share on social media afterward. In keeping with the theme, our team created a visual feast combining projection mapping, hologram-like furniture and an LED DJ booth.

Projection Mapping:

On three large panels (11.5 x 18.5 ft), custom content was projected throughout the night, using key elements from the movie Return to Oz, transforming what would have been just a boring wall into a dynamic backdrop.

Holographic Furniture:

Using a HYPERVSN unit, our designers created a one-of-a-kind coffee table where 3D animated content (red ruby slippers) appeared to float in mid-air under the glass surface of the table.

LED DJ Booth:

The emerald city-inspired LED DJ booth drew attendees’ attention both while on and off the dance floor. With Glistening Emerald City animated content for the front facade of the 16.5 ft wide booth and matching animated content on the back, it was the central focal point of the event space.