Cirque Du Soleil Vancouver DOOH Forced Perspective

The Trickster Takes the Stage at Vancouver

After the success of the 3D Anamorphic Advertisement campaign for Cirque du Soleil’s new show ‘Kooza’ at the iconic Toronto Yonge and Dundas LED Billboard, the creative partnership sought to replicate the same magic but this time in their next location, the vibrant city of Vancouver.

At the intersection of Granville and Robson, Go2 faced a distinctive challenge: to make a 3D billboard on an LED screen with a gap in the centre. Go2’s objective was clear – seamlessly integrating the leading performer, ‘The Trickster”, and creating an illusion of them popping out of the screen with a  Forced Perspective effect. The solution was to create a box-like volume behind the screen and precisely utilize the vantage point of passers-by to pop the magic out of the screen.

Techniques Used: Forced Perspective, 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Character Animation
Client: Astral Bell Media