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Facade Festival 2019

Façade Festival is an immersive, large-scale artistic experience organized by the Burrard Arts Foundation that is loved by thousands of attendees in Vancouver, BC. Now in its fourth year, this monumental public art project and cultural event took place from sunset to midnight each evening from September 8th to 14th, 2019, on the façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery, in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The Site:

The festival took place outside the Georgia Street façade of the Vancouver Art Gallery in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

The Concept:

For our special finale presentation piece at Facade Festival, we were inspired as a team by the amazing work done by Plastic Oceans in raising awareness about plastic pollution to inspire behavioural change.

Our original piece, Ocean Ghosts, speaks to the devastation caused by plastic on marine wildlife. As plastic bags envelop the art gallery, smother it and ultimately turn our beautiful ocean mammals into plastic ghosts, we hoped to inspire the audience to reduce single-use plastics and make small changes towards a zero-waste lifestyle. We leave the audience with one, impactful change they can make today: ‘Think reusable, not disposable. Rethink plastic.’

The Style-frames

The Event:

The rain couldn’t keep attendees away. Hundreds of people watched Vancouver’s beloved buildings light up with colourful animations and images. We were honoured to be a part of the only projection mapping festival in our home city and look forward to participating in more public art projects in the future.

Photo Gallery: