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Weber Metals Reveal

Weber Metals, a member of the Otto Fuchs Aerospace Group, recently designed a 60,000-ton hydraulic press, the largest pulldown press in the world. They came to Go2 looking for a unique solution for their inauguration event, where they would reveal this groundbreaking press and also communicate the capabilities of their new technology.

The Concept

Projection mapping was not an option, as this was going to be a day event in a warehouse with open walls located in LA. Since we did not have controlled lighting, our unique solution was to create a large high-resolution LED screen that opened after the animated presentation to reveal the massive 60k-ton press.

The Set-up

Go2 worked closely with Freeman AV, who built a 46 ft wide by 30 ft high LED wall made up of 252 panels. The total weight of the wall was 7098 lbs, and with the rig, it was just over 11,000 lbs. The mechanism that controlled the seamless and smooth splitting of the LED wall for the physical reveal was a variable-speed Traveller Truss System, which was programmed to split and open at the exact moment we specified to create the most impact.

The Animation:

The storyline of the 60K ton press was built around a three-act structure. The first act focused on how Weber Metals was working towards building the future with this one-of-a-kind press technology. Utilizing the combination of 3D animation, mo-graph and video footage allowed us to feature the building process of the press, incorporating 3D scenes to communicate the strength of materials and robust process. The next act focused on the Aerospace industry integration and company competence.  The final scene was to build towards a final 3D hero shot of the 60K ton press and to give the audience a magnified look at the full scale of the entire press structure, as most of the actual press base is rooted underground.  As a final transition, we ended with the closing of futuristic metal doors and then triggering the physical LED screen to split and open, revealing the physical 60K ton press, slowly pressing down to communicate the final hero shot press reveal. 

The Event

The event went off without a hitch and was attended by approx 1500 people. Go2 created an exciting show experience, with high-quality animation presented on the massive LED wall, which was the perfect way to lead up to the big reveal of the actual hydraulic press.

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