Water Screen projection – MLS All-Star Weekend 2023

A 90 ft Holographic Water Screen.

Go2 Productions created a monumental water screen projection for the 2023 MLS All-Star Weekend in Washington, DC.

Techniques Used: Water Screen Projection, 3D Modelling.
Client: Wasserman.



Based on the success of our previous activation for AT&T, Go2 Productions was approached to create a giant water screen projection for MLS All-Star Weekend 2023. Our team was responsible for technical design, project management, creative direction, content production, and 3D character animation. US-based tech partner Rabcup supported the technical production. This project was an innovative, immersive and experiential branding initiative to connect the public with elements of sport, music and art.

Technical Highlights:

  • Water screen Dimensions: 120 ft (Width) x 90 ft (Height)
  • Projection System: Dual 25k projectors positioned 300 ft from the water screen
  • Result: Crisp, 120 ft wide x 90 ft high holographic image.


This massive holographic display redefined immersive experiences, showcasing the potential of cutting-edge technology in experiential brand engagement. The fusion of precision engineering, creative design, and 3D animation resulted in a truly unforgettable moment for the MLS All-Starts weekend audience.


The water screen hologram not only captured the imagination of attendees but also set a new standard for experiential branding. It exemplifies how technology, when harnessed with creativity, can forge deep emotional connections between brands and their audience.