Sycuan Casino Resort

Transforming a 12-story Resort for a Dramatic Opening Night

The team at Sycuan Casino Resort in San Diego wanted a grand opening night experience that would be hard to miss and full of celebration. To achieve this, the Go2 team was tasked with creating content for a 12-story projection mapping spectacle. The team drew inspiration from the colours and content used in other promotional videos for the hotel by Sycuan.

Techniques used: Projection Mapping, 3D Animation
Client: Sycuan Casino Resort


Although the project was successful, we faced a few challenges. Firstly, we had to mask out all the windows to make the content visible. Additionally, we needed to find a way to continuously move the logo without it being cut off by the windows. Despite these obstacles, the Sycuan team was very pleased with the entire experience, and we enjoyed working with Alliant Events AV on this project.

With the various kinds of media competing for people’s attention today,  projection mapping still delivers an enormous wow factor.