Rolling Stones World Tour 2024 Projection Mapping

An Innovative Way to Announce Music Tours.

Go2 Productions collaborated with Laura Ballance Media Group and the iconic Rolling Stones to create a memorable moment in Vancouver’s cultural scene. They transformed Vancouver’s City Hall, located at the Cambie and 12th Avenue intersection, into a spectacular canvas using projection mapping technology. This projection gave us the announcement of the highly anticipated Rolling Stones 2024 world tour.

Techniques used: Projection Mapping
Client: Laura Ballance Media Group


Vancouver had been announced as the only Canadian city that will be a part of The Rolling Stones’ 2024 tour. As a sneak peek of what’s to come, the band’s logo was projected on the Vancouver City Hall. This preview of the upcoming global tour gave Vancouver residents a glimpse of the rock ‘n’ roll that will hit the city before the tickets went live.


When working with a landmark like the Vancouver City Hall, there are unique challenges that require careful planning and execution. To display a customized logo projection on a building surface, it’s crucial to measure the surface beforehand to ensure the projection is accurately placed and fits the building’s unique dimensions. However, when working in a public place, time is of the essence, so setting up the projection quickly and efficiently is vital to minimize disruptions or inconvenience.


The projection mapping display was a huge success, as it amazed the pedestrians and captivated passers-by who stopped to watch the show. As they watched the reveal, they took photos and videos, which they shared on social media, spreading the news about the upcoming concert throughout the Vancouver local community. The Rolling Stones fans were particularly excited, increasing the brand sentiment. Overall, the projection mapping was a huge success, providing an experiential and innovative way to announce the upcoming concert. This collaboration exemplifies Go2’s commitment to turning concepts into unique experiences, leaving an unforgettable mark on the architectural landscape and the collective spirit of the Vancouver community.