Robo Recharge: An Arcade-style Gamification for AT&T TwitchCon 2023


In collaboration with industry leaders Wasserman, AT&T, and RabCup, Go2 Productions revealed an extraordinary arcade-style gamification experience, “Robo Recharge,” at Twitchcon 2023 in Las Vegas. The project’s primary objective was to immerse participants in a stunning video game brand experience tailored for AT&T, strategically aligning with the gaming-focused environment of Twitchcon.

Techniques Used: Gamification, 3D Modelling.
Client: Wasserman, AT&T.


Robo Recharge was a revolutionary gamification project initiative designed to deliver an immersive AT&T Brand Experience. In this interactive shooting game, participants used 5G fibre optic energy shots to reboot malfunctioning robots, ensuring they achieve 100% functionality before taking flight from the screen. The game was designed to be engaging, fun and challenging, providing an exciting and dynamic experience for all participants.

Technology Highlights:

The game seamlessly integrated advanced technologies, featuring an impressive LED Wall and Striker VR guns. This combination facilitated an immersive experience and enabled up to three participants to play the game simultaneously. The integration of these technologies showcased the potent fusion of creativity and technology in delivering unparalleled experiences through gamification.


Robo Recharge delivered successful brand engagement for AT&T by leveraging the natural appeal of video games at Twitchcon 2023. The project combined the excitement of competition, the appeal of cutting-edge technology, and the brand narrative of AT&T to showcase how gamification can be used to create a distinctive brand experience.


At Twitchcon 2023, the innovative approach of Robo Recharge caught the audience’s attention. The event highlighted the importance of strategic collaborations and creative technology integration in experiential branding. The success of Robo Recharge demonstrated the effectiveness of gamification in attracting attention and building stronger connections between brands and their audience.

In summary, Robo Recharge is a landmark project that blended entertainment, technology, and branding, leaving an indelible mark on the Twitchcon 2023 landscape.