NAIOP Commercial Real State Awards 2024

Stunning 3D Visuals for Gala Event

Every two years, NAIOP Vancouver proudly presents this awards gala event dedicated to recognizing excellence in Commercial Real Estate across the Metro Vancouver area.

For the calendar years 2022 and 2023, NAIOP contacted Go2 Productions to produce custom content packages for themed opening videos, logo loops, and title animations for the keynote presentations.

Techniques used: 3D Animation, Custom Content Packages
Client: NAIOP Vancouver


Go2 Productions was tasked with creating 3D digital visuals and custom content packages for the NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Awards 2024. The main objective was to align the digital content with NAIOP’s brand identity, providing high-resolution visuals displayed on a large LED wall at the central stage to enhance the event opening and keynote presentation. In addition, 3D looped logo animations were projected to decorate the event venue with NAIOP’s logo and their hall of fame.


The visuals enhanced the immersion of the event and captured the audience’s attention when presenting the winners of each category. This made the winners stand out as they approached the main stage to receive their award. The logos projected during the reception increased NAIOP’s brand visibility, as they were featured in the background of photos taken by attendees and shared on social media. The overall visual presentation elevated the event production and delivered an excellent gala to celebrate the commercial real estate industry.