Keith Haring

Pixel Mapping Pop Art Legend - Keith Haring

We had the great pleasure of producing projection mapping content for the Keith Haring Foundation on a massive 3D pixel mapping project. The projection event took place at The Maritime Hotel, which is located in the trendy Chelsea area of New York City.

Techniques used: Projection Mapping, 3D animation.
Client: Keith Haring Foundation


Our plan was to adorn the building with Keith Haring’s artwork, which we received from the KH Foundation. The task at hand was to come up with a contemporary digital style that accurately reflected the colour palette and artistic style of Keith Haring’s work.

We started designing the appearance of a large pixel mapping that would be projected to showcase the distinctive artwork of the renowned Keith Haring. Our artists spent a total of 4 weeks producing the impactful 3D animation and visual effects for this project, and it was executed flawlessly without any issues.