Food Lion

A Big Statement for a Grand Cause

Food Lion Feeds was launched in 2014 as a corporate giving initiative for Food Lion. In May 2019, Food Lion reached the enormous milestone of donating 500 million meals across its footprint. Food Lion has committed to donating 1 billion more meals by August 2025.

GSD&M Agency approached Go2 Productions on behalf of Food Lion with a concept that would help visualize what 1 billion meals look like on a dynamic and grand scale by utilizing projection mapping onto an iconic building in Charlotte, NC.  The Go2 Productions team worked over 18 days to bring the Food Lion concept to life on the 3D canvas.

Techniques used: Projection Mapping.
Client: Food Lion


The animation goal was to produce a two-minute 3D projection mapping experience utilizing the architecture of the building while also ensuring that Food Lion’s powerful message was clearly communicated. Go2 Productions worked alongside Freeman to execute the one-night projection stunt technically. Freeman installed twelve 32K projectors (4K resolution) and Watchout Media Server onto the adjacent parking garage, which was successfully completed over a two-day install and one-night show. The end goal was to film the projection experience from multiple angles to be able to edit for a social media launch the very next day.

The Result

The final video has been viewed more than 2 million times with 1500 shares, creating a successful campaign launch and a stunning visual experience during a concert in Romare Bearden Park. Food Lion raised hunger awareness in Charlotte, NC and called on the community to join the commitment to donate 1 billion more meals by 2025.