Powerful Explainer Animation Videos.

eGate Solutions is a leading provider of technology and software solutions for the airline industry. The technology behind eGate’s solutions simplifies every step companies take to provide a positive onboard experience for your passengers.

eGate wanted a video they could use on their website titled ‘eGate in two minutes’ that viewers could watch to understand how the service works. Go2 was hired to deliver that message in a 2D animated video.

Techniques used: Motion Graphics, 2D Animation.
Client:eGate Solutions 


Go2 opted for a vibrant color scheme and incorporated various graphics to showcase the functionality of the company’s technology for managers. Instead of a formal corporate video, we used motion graphics to give a dynamic feel to the piece. Explainer videos eliminate the uncertainty of conveying the benefits and fundamental features of a product or service, providing you with a video that can be utilized in numerous marketing initiatives.

The Results:

The client expressed their immense satisfaction with the video, which now lives on their website. Research suggests that 85% of viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching an accompanying explainer video. Therefore, if your website is solely composed of text-heavy pages, you may want to consider updating it to include a video. Unlike text, which can often be subject to various interpretations, explainer videos allow you to control the message and convey the story you wish to tell.

An explainer video doesn’t just have to live on your site – they are great in live presentations too. We’d love to produce an amazing video for your business. Let’s work together!