Day of the Dead Projection

Celebrating Latin American Heritage Month

Latincouver, a non-profit organization that aims to unite Latin Americans and Latin enthusiasts in BC, planned to organize a video mapping experience in celebration of Latin American Heritage Month. The event would pay tribute to the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos, which is observed for three nights in Vancouver. This occasion is a commemoration of both life and death and is marked by several symbolic rituals. are rife with symbolic meaning. 

Techniques Used: Projection Mapping, 3D Modeling.
Client: Latincouver,


Two of our resident Mexican artists jumped at the chance to work on producing the content for this unique project. The animations narrated the history of the Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos and some of its essential elements such as bread and the cempasúchil flower, its origin that goes back to pre-Hispanic cultures, some of its key passages such as Mictlán (the Mexican underworld) and how it is celebrated today. Latincouver also wanted to pay tribute to over 150 Latin American residents in BC who passed away during the last year by having their names projected during one portion of the animation.

The projections occurred on a 40ft x 20ft building in Vancouver’s bustling Granville Island. The final result was a collaborative piece of art with elements from the community’s input expressed through our artists’ vision.