Broadstreet Properties

Clear and concise explainer videos

Broadstreet Properties is a leading rental management company that provides a superior rental experience and exceptional homes for clients across Canada. They were looking for a video to explain their company values, how they got started, and what services they are offering as a top-tier rental management company today.

Techniques used: Motion Graphics.
Client: Broadstreet Properties 


The client wanted an explainer video that showed the history of Broadstreet throughout the years. We used a timeline to highlight key points in the company’s history, along with images of important projects that took place over the years. We produced the video in a way so that it was visually appealing without being text-heavy.

The client loved the 5-minute video we created. Like a testimonial video, an explainer video helps you better connect with your potential customers by delivering a clear message on what your business can do for them and why they should choose you over your competitors. Plus, it is a well-known fact that visual presentation of information is more helpful than reading the same information in a text format.

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