Aurora Spirits

Squamish Nation Legends

In June 2023, Go2 Productions partnered with Reveal Events Group Ltd. to create an unforgettable holographic audiovisual experience at the Global AGM of LNG, held in Vancouver, Canada. During the Welcome Reception, attendees were immersed in Canada’s four seasons, which culminated in a breathtaking presentation of three Squamish Nation legends told through a stunning audiovisual live performance.

Techniques used: Holographic Projection, LED Wall Backdrop, 3D Animation
Client: LNG


Go2 Productions came up with a groundbreaking approach by combining an 80ft wide by 18ft tall holographic projected display scrim to work with a dynamic LED wall as a visual backdrop. The main goal of the spectacle was to immerse the attendees in a sensory-rich experience that told three legends of the Squamish Nation: The Thunderbird, The Wolf & The Bear. A holographic mesh in the front of the stage displayed the aurora borealis and each legend animal, while the back LED used motion graphics to help guide each story visually. Members of the Squamish Nation dance on stage between the hologram and LED screen to bring the cultural richness of these legends to life.

Technical Execution:

The stage setup implemented the use of space and perspective by installing an LED wall in the background, used for an illustrative style of animation that seamlessly merged with the front of the stage, which was set with a transparent scrim used to project holographic projections of the Aurora Borealis and the three animals highlighted in each legend. Between the scrim and the LED wall, the stage was set up for Squamish Nations performers who captivated the audience with their cultural dances as their legends were narrated along with beautiful backdrop visuals and massive holographic animal spirits, making a one-of-its-kind immersive AV experience.


The outcome was a combination of cultural storytelling through art and technology, which took the global audience on a journey into the world of Canada’s winter and the cultural heritage of the Squamish Nation. The attendees were active participants in an immersive experience that took them through the landscapes and legends that define Canadian winter and its stories.