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Humanizing your Marketing: Surviving the era of AI-generated content.

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The rise of artificial Intelligence has revolutionized many industries, including marketing. AI is creating content at unprecedented speeds and scales, and this content is created to rank better in SEO, which is read by Google or, in other words, another machine. Are marketers at the point where written blog posts are irrelevant nowadays? Maybe yes, if they miss the human factor and overpromote the services and products of a company. This applies to social media and their search engines as well. The question here is, how can we stand in a crowded digital market where billions of posts, photos, videos, and littering content are posted by machines for machines every day? How can we really get the attention of the humans with whom we want to do business? In this article, we will discuss some solutions to keep the human factor in your marketing and branding efforts.

Understanding AI-Generated Content

AI-generated content refers to any content, such as articles, blog posts, or social media posts, that is created with the assistance of artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms, like CHATGPT, can analyze data, identify patterns, and generate text that mimics human writing. While AI-generated content offers efficiency and scalability, it often lacks the creativity, empathy, and authenticity that are characteristic of a human.

Humanizing your Brand:

Humanizing your brand in an era of machines is the best way to get brand exposure and have people talking about your services or products. But how can we do this? Well, one of the best ways to leave a lasting impression on a human being is through an experience. By creating marketing experiences, humans will feel something that could trigger an emotional connection, a big difference from a machine, creating a sentiment towards your brand. Therefore, they will potentially start talking about your product and services with their family, friends, and social networks online and offline.

Humanizing your Marketing: Surviving the era of AI-generated content.

Go2 Productions – Pop-up MSL All-Stars Game, Sphere Interactive Installation

Three solutions to humanize your brand

Now that we understand that in 2024, customers prioritize authentic human connections and experiences over automated interactions, the question is, how can we create these experiences? Don’t worry. Here are three solutions to answer that question:

1. Experiential Branding:

Experiential marketing focuses on creating unforgettable brand experiences for people; unlike traditional marketing, where the audience sits and watches, this strategy aims to make the audience a part of an experience to participate and engage in immersive activities. In most cases, we find experiential marketing during events, which are the best places to socialize and connect with other humans with the same interests, motivations, or needs.

At its core, experiential marketing seeks to create emotional connections between consumers and brands by providing them with opportunities to interact with products or services in unusual and memorable ways. These experiences can take various forms, including interactive installations, projection mapping, pop-up immersive experiences, AR/VR experiences, and sensory experiences.

Overall, experiential marketing creates human connections with consumers by providing memorable, interactive, and social media-shareable experiences that increase your brand’s online social presence and organic human-generated content, leaving AI-generated content behind.

Humanizing your Marketing: Surviving the era of AI-generated content.

Go2 Productions – Penalty Shoot Interactive Brand Activation for MSL All-Stars Game

2. Influencer Marketing

With the rise of social media, traditional advertising, such as TV commercials, has declined catastrophically for one reason: social media has the ability to hyper-target audiences 24/7. Businesses can now show their personalized communications at a lower cost with higher returns. However, social media is becoming increasingly crowded, which makes it increasingly common for people to ignore paid advertising. That’s why it’s essential to include the human factor in social media campaigns through influencers.

Influencers are individuals with a large and engaged following audience on social media platforms who have earned the opportunity to talk about topics of the same interest to their audience. People follow influencers to feel connected with an online community where they can socialize, comment, interact, belong and be human. For this reason, influencers are a great way to promote products, services, or brands. These individuals have built credibility and trust with their audience, allowing them to persuade about purchasing decisions and influence consumer behaviour. It’s definitely something that a machine can’t do.

Humanizing your Marketing: Surviving the era of AI-generated content.

Go2 Productions – Influencers playing Robo Recharge at Twitchcon Las Vegas 2023

3. Building and Cultivating a Community

It’s not a secret that humans need to belong to something. As we saw, influencers build audiences that are constantly engaging with them. The same principle must be applied to any brand. By building and cultivating a community, your brand will create an ongoing relationship with its customers, ensuring human experiences that will be worth sharing on their social media accounts and offline social networks. By creating a community, your brand will stand out in the words of humans and not machines.

Some examples of efforts to create communities are hosting customer events, sponsoring music festivals, creating dynamic activities or giving unique perks to loyal customers. These efforts promote a sense of belonging and loyalty among customers, which can ultimately lead to increased engagement and revenue for businesses. Overall, building a community can be a smart strategy for companies looking to create lasting human relationships with their customers and drive long-term growth.

Humanizing your Marketing: Surviving the era of AI-generated content.

Go2 Production – Projection Mapping for Hyundai DJ customer event.


While AI-generated content may offer efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it cannot replace the human touch. By embracing experiential marketing principles and prioritizing authentic human connections, brands can differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace and build ongoing customer relationships. In the era of AI-generated content, the human factor in marketing is a survival strategy and a pathway to success.

At Go2 Productions, we believe in changing the way people see the world and your brand through immersive experiences. If you are looking for a creative partner to increase your human connections in your next experiential marketing event, contact us. We will help you with everything from concept design to production and implementation.

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