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3 Innovative applications of how LED walls and screens can be used for experiential branding

LED wall installation for Branding

With the technology advancements nowadays, creating a lasting and memorable brand presence is more crucial than ever. Traditional advertising methods often struggle to cut through the noise, making it essential for brands to seek innovative ways to engage and connect with their target audiences. One such innovation is the use of LED screens for experiential branding.

LED screens have rapidly evolved beyond their conventional uses, such as billboards and digital signage. They have become powerful tools for experiential branding, offering dynamic and immersive opportunities to captivate audiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore three different forms of how LED screens can be leveraged to enhance your brand’s presence and leave a lasting impact on your customers.

1. Interactive LED Installations

Traditional advertising involves a one-way conversation, where the brand simply delivers a message to the audience. Interactive LED installations, on the other hand, flip this dynamic on its head by inviting viewers to actively engage with the brand’s content. These creative and technologically advanced setups combine LED screens with interactive elements and go beyond traditional static displays or digital signage. Users are able to actively participate in the experience through touch, gestures, or other interactive methods, making the installations more engaging and memorable.

These installations can take various forms:

  • Touchscreens: LED screens equipped with touch capabilities allow users to interact directly with the content, whether it’s navigating through a product catalogue, playing games, or participating in surveys.
  • Gesture Control: Motion-sensing technology enables users to control the content on the screen through gestures, making it a fun and memorable experience.

Interactive LED installations provide brands with valuable data insights, allowing them to tailor their offerings based on user preferences and behaviour. It also fosters a deeper connection with the audience as they become active participants in the brand experience.

3 Innovative applications of how LED walls and screens can be used for experiential brandingGo2 Productions – Skeleton tracking Interactive LED Screen for Experience SYNCRA

2. Projection Mapping combined with LED Walls:

Projection mapping, an advanced technique of aligning projected visuals with physical objects, can seamlessly integrate with LED walls to create mesmerizing brand experiences. This form of LED screen usage is particularly popular for events, product launches, and architectural displays.

By projecting carefully crafted content onto LED walls, brands can transform any space into an immersive brand narrative with spatial augmented reality. The visuals can wrap around complex shapes and structures, providing a sense of depth and dimensionality that traditional flat screens cannot achieve.

Projection mapping onto LED walls is an excellent way to convey brand stories and messages in a visually striking manner, leaving a powerful and unforgettable impression on attendees.

3 Innovative applications of how LED walls and screens can be used for experiential brandingGo2 Productions – Projection Mapping onto LED Wall to create AR for Aurora LNG AGM

3. 3D Anamorphic Content Animation

Incorporating 3D anamorphic content animation into LED screen displays introduces an element of surprise and wonder. This innovative approach utilizes optical illusions to create mind-bending visual effects that appear three-dimensional when viewed from a specific angle.

Brands can use 3D anamorphic content animation to transform ordinary spaces and objects into extraordinary, branded experiences. Whether it’s a street mural that comes to life or an interactive display that defies conventional perception, this form of LED screen content can leave a profound and lasting impression on viewers.

3 Innovative applications of how LED walls and screens can be used for experiential brandingGo2 Productions – 3D Anamorphic animation for Volkswagen DOOH Advert


In conclusion, LED screens offer a wide range of possibilities for experiential branding. From interactive installations to projection mapping and the incorporation of 3D anamorphic content animation, these screens are reshaping the way brands engage with their audiences. By embracing these innovative forms of LED screen usage, brands can create experiences that are not only memorable but also deeply meaningful, establishing stronger connections with their customers and standing out in today’s competitive market.

If you need a creative partner to help plan, execute, and produce experiential branding ideas for your LED screens, get in touch with Go2 Productions. We’ll work alongside you in the creative process and experiential content production to bring your ideas to life.

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